Drohnen zeigen Apartheid

Am 11. Juli ist Weltbevölkerungstag. (Interessanterweise ist es auch der Tag der Einsamen, wie das wohl zusammenpaßt...?) Zu diesem Tag paßt die Fotostory des Fotografen Johnny Miller über die Wohnsituation in Cape Town, Südafrika. Wobei er betont, daß dies kein spezifisch afrikanisches Problem ist...

Zitat von citylab.com
Johnny Miller was just starting out as a photographer in Seattle in 2011 when he won a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship that took him to Cape Town, South Africa—a country that, like his own, has a long history of institutional racism and segregation. Hier geht´s zur ganzen Geschichte.

johnny miller_southafricakya sands
The story of Kya Sands is a story of ash, smoke, and broken promises. Search for the informal settlement on Google and you will find many articles relating to fires; including one that burned over 200 shacks in November 2015. Search a little more and you will find a list of protests and claims that formal housing that was promised but never forthcoming. A little bit more, and you’ll find accounts of the army being mobilized after xenophobic violence erupted.

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