SWEAT - by Reiner Riedler


Dear friends,

I am happy to inform you, that my book SWEAT has come into existence! It was a very long journey to finish this body of work (2012-2019). And to be honest, it´s yery different compared to my documentary work. But it was important for me to do the project. Sometimes you feel that you have to try something different...
Huge thank you to all who have participated in the project! And of course to the whole team of REFLEKTOR!

Reiner Riedler has discovered sweat as an artistic form of expression. Fascinated by the image captured by the sweat on his T-shirt after jogging – like a spontaneous self-portrait – he has used the sweat produced by others to create a series of images. In order to achieve this, he approached the renowned Fraunhofer Institute in Munich which provided him with a special sensory material that could be placed above or underneath his perspiring models. In doing so, Riedler used the sweaty body as a kind of rubber stamp to create life-size negatives. He then photographed these and transformed them into monochrome paper prints.“

Vreni Hockenjos, Excerpt from the book text.

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