Miles Aldridge: Please Return Polaroid

polaroid_miles alridge steven kasher gallery

Steven Kasher Gallery (in New York, leider. Anm. der Redaktion) is pleased to announce Miles Aldridge: Please Return Polaroid, an exhibition of over 30 unique Polaroid prints, 10 unique Polaroid diptychs and five large color prints. This is the artist’s third solo exhibition at the gallery since 2009. Miles Aldridge’s Polaroids have been exhumed from their original context of preparatory sketches. Bearing hand-written notes, sharpie drawings, or chemical chimeras, Aldridge’s Polaroids are like ravaged stills from an erotic film noir. They are rife with intrigue, sex, impulse, and accident. Like in all of Aldridge’s work, each image presents a narrative that is cinematic yet abstract, dream-driven yet precise.